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VREID – Ein neues “Wild North West“ Kapitel im ‘Spikes of God’ Video

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Die Norwegischen Black ’n Roller VREID haben einen neuen Song von ihrem kommenden Album “Wild North West“ als Video veröffentlicht. “Wild North West“ versteht sich als Filmprojekt, zu dem die einzelnen Songs jeweils ein Kapitel beitragen und erscheint am 30. April.

Songwriter und Bssmann Jarle Hváll Kvåle erklärt:

„A new chapter from our album and movie ‚Wild North West‘ is revealed, and it’s a vile and intense chapter. This song is absolutely one of the most brutal, dark and most in-your-face songs we have ever written. The main idea for this song came to me one dark night in March 2020. I became haunted by this theme and spent the whole night in studio finishing this track. Afterwards I have barely made any adjustments to the original demo for the song. I wanted its primal ugliness to shine through and let it live its life without any corrections. The movie for this song dives into a black hole of human history, and is an illustration of how far astray we can go if we are blinded by the faith of our own perfection.“