You are currently viewing VOIVODs erste Veröffentlichung im 2023er Remake: `Condemned To The Gallows`

VOIVODs erste Veröffentlichung im 2023er Remake: `Condemned To The Gallows`

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VOIVOD stellen die 2023er Version ihres Songs `Condemned To The Gallows`  aus dem Album „Morgöth Tales“ vor. Ursprünglich erschien der Song 1984 auf der “Metal Massacre V“ Compilation und war damit der erste VOIVOD Song, der auf einem Album veröffentlicht wurde. Fans der des rohen Frühwerks der Kanadier müssten begeistert sein.

VOIVOD Sänger “Snake” Bélanger:

“The ‘Morgöth Tales’ album starts where it all began. ‘Condemned To The Gallows’ was the first song ever recorded in a studio. I recall being shocked, hearing my voice for the first time, and I was a bit intimidated. I had joined the band only a few months prior to that and I didn’t know how to sing or even if was capable of doing the job. So I jumped in, and this 40 year adventure was about to begin. Revisiting this song was a real trip. Going back in time when we were young and wild, recapturing that same fury inside that led us up to now made me realize that the spirit never gets old. Thanks to Mom, who kept well preserved, the only lyrics sheet existing on the surface of this planet, with my smudged left handed writing. Otherwise we would have been screwed.”




Photo Credit: Sven Bernhardt