You are currently viewing VOICE – Heavy Metal Veteranen mit `Schizo Dialogues` Clip

VOICE – Heavy Metal Veteranen mit `Schizo Dialogues` Clip

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Die deutsche Old School HM Band VOICE hat das neue Studioalbum „Holy Or Damned“ bereits mit ´The Silence Of Prescience` für den 12. Juli angekündigt. Heute folgt der zweite Track `Schizo Dialogues`, zu dem die fünf Musiker auch ein Lyricvideo online gestellt haben.

Gitarrist und Keyborder Thommy Neuhierl verrät:

„This song is about people in the community who feel compelled to exercise power. Who are convinced that they were born to rule over others. Who are convinced that this power was given to them by dark forces to fulfill a supernatural mission. On the other hand, when they are alone and on their own, they fear the darkness, their own weaknesses and are consumed by doubt. This insecurity then drives them to become more and more extreme in their exercise of power, which ultimately ends in a spiral of violence and fear that engulfs them and the people around them.“




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