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VITRIOL – ‘The Parting of a Neck’ Livevideo

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Die „Brutal Death“ Metaller VITRIOL aus Portland, Oregon veröffentlichen ein krachendes Livevideo zum Nackenbrecher und Blasbeat-Song ‘The Parting of a Neck’, von ihrem To Bathe from the Throat of Cowardice” Album.

“Being this far along in a world without live music we’re feeling especially grateful that Dylan (der Produzent) did such a beautiful job immortalizing this performance from our last tour. The Parting of a Neck has always been a special song for us and has since grown only more significant. The song debuted as a couch-bound playthrough and seeing it get the live treatment at this point feels like the perfect way to punctuate a long period of striving. A true then and now. Vitriol offers tremendous thanks to those of you who have shown your support in these formative times. We are hard at work on what’s next,”