You are currently viewing VITRIOL – Brutal Death Attacke mit `The Flowers Of Sadism` Video

VITRIOL – Brutal Death Attacke mit `The Flowers Of Sadism` Video

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VITRIOL, die Extreme Death Metal Truppe aus Portland, Oregon präsentiert ihren neuen Track `The Flowers Of Sadism` im Video. Der Song gehört zum dem “Suffer & Become“ Langeisen, das am 26. Januar 2024 erscheint.

VITRIOLs Gitarrist und Sänger Kyle Rasmussen erklärt die Auskopplung:

„‚Flowers‘ explores the topic of early developmental trauma and the resulting emotional alchemy that can lead to the development of sadistic impulses. While not being an ideal strategy in the presence of healthier alternatives, embracing my more vicious instincts was the key to my psychological and emotional survival at a time when my environment was both hostile and inescapable. It marks the beginning of a complicated journey of seduction by the necessary evils adopted in the pursuit of that survival.“




My blood has staled in my mouth

The snake releases its own tail

My eyes pool and blacken as they drill the mortal shell

Their dilation exhales the holy

Youth flees out their fume and billowing breath

Affection yields to its shadow in the cradle of transmuting death


An infernal focus tightens

An arrow of vision shot outside the periphery of God

Revelations flood clean the poppies from Heaven

Its language is lost, and Perdition blooms within me.


My chest in heartbreak tilled

His ill will held close to the garden bed

My loosened soil I offer to its seeds and dark grace

Fall within and find root beyond its opening gate


Inside a knotted bud, the petals of my freedom form


A new strength flowers within me.


The curdled word of pain pours from the rot of love denied.


The dream of survival dances to life against the body of the moon

A starless trail to Saturn shines in the light of her boon


A new strength flowers within me


The curdled word of pain pours from the rot of love denied


An infernal focus tightens


Perdition blooms within me


Carried on the winds of adaptation

From the grave of prey to the throne of indignation

A ravenous appetite is whet by loss

This pain seeks a new heart to shape