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VISION MASTER ft. Sean “Bloodbath” McGrath (Impaled) – True Metal Duo mit `Arc Terminal X´ Single

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Die beiden ehemaligen Funerot Mitglieder Dan Munro und Reuben Storey (Christian Mistress) setzen mit VISION MASTER ihr Vorstellung eines old school Metal, der düster, mystisch, rifflastig und atmosphärisch ist. Am 25. August kommt das Debütalbum „Spectre“ heraus, von dem nun die Single `Arc Terminal X´ vorgestellt wurde, bei der Sean “Bloodbath” McGrath (Impaled) zum saitenzerfetzenden Gitarrenduell antritt.

Die Band kommentiert:

„Xenon. That rare and perfectly noble stranger; the veritable lifeblood for our salvation.

Xenon. The core fuel component for the ion-thrusters that will spirit away the most fertile and virile humanity has to offer, far from this wretched husk of an orb. And yet for some it provides another sort of salvation…

Xenon. The only element known to have psychoactive properties in its atomic form and so fetches a hefty purse in halls where scruples are in disregard.

Will man’s inherent lust for an altered consciousness doom his procreative obsession? Learn humanity’s fate in a mere two minutes and forty-three seconds by listening now to Vision Master’s ‚Arc Terminal X.'“



Ascending up the stairs
Humans lined in pairs
Genetic selected perfection

Taking my exit
Nah, breeders ain’t the line for me
Chromo destructed
Genes jacked brain amped

Slipping through dark chute
My quest to find the loot
Ignoble imbalance correction

Without the gas within
Arc engine cannot spin
Ignore all objections I’ll sever connections

Tracing the pipes of gas pure
I follow infrastructure
Crack open sealed-tight bulkhead
Reveal the core

My shield is jammed, I feel the gamma rays from the core searing my face. Doesn’t matter anyway I can be at the flesh jockey by midnight. Working quickly I pinch off the tube and sever it. Back pressure is relieved but there’s more head than expected… Can my compression pack take it?

Xenon concentrates
My mind begins to fade
Reach into my storepack applying a stimpatch

Tanks hit max and more
Yet, safety factor
I can fit more