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VIROCRACY – Death-Thrash Outfit streamt ’Devolution’ Clip

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Die jungen süddeutschen Death-Thrash Metaller, VIROCRACY präsentieren die erste Single und ihr dazugehöriges Video ’Devolution’ vom ihrem kommenden zweiten Album „Ecophagia“, das am 25. März erscheint.



Rotting forest of long bygone days

Dreary woodlands left without a trace

Vibrant scene of a once green space

Dead tree trunks witness ancient decay

Boughs hang down from their lifeless shoulders

All human horrors climbing out their



Fainted human memories


Timeless space


Carcass of a world once cold to me

Blackest skies and void’s the sea

Caving deep all escapees

Dead long before all ancient




Tainted humankind


Into devolution


Defective – Infected – Devolved minds

Conception – Interception – Deluded – Blind

Transforming – Deforming – Reptoid brutes

Irradiation – New creation – Non-human kind


Catatonic giant creatures

Emerged from human stain

Scaly skin, a crust of ichor

Devoid of reason, mind of disdain

Feasting on each other’s spawn

Crawling through the acrid fumes

Condemned life on these hostile grounds

Desperate screeches piercing through the



Tainted humankind


Into devolution


Human’s festering scar

A planet infected

Life forms of damnation

The abyss resurrected



Grotesque earthlings of pernicious mind

Distorted visions of accursed crimes


All systems forced to resign

To the obscure void in their eyes

Creeptures laid to rest forever

Bedded on disaster’s shrine



Grotesque earthlings of pernicious mind

Deformed prisoners of the afterlife