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VIRGIN STEELE – Zweiter neuer Song: `The Gethsemane Effect´ im Lyricvideo

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Nach dem ersten Song `Spiritual Warfare´ gibt´s im Lyricclip die zweite nagelneue Single der amerikanischen Metal Legende VIRGING STEELE für Euch. Der Track `The Gethsemane Effect´ ist ebenso Teil der für den 30. Juni geplanten neuen Studioalbums „The Passion Of Dionysus“.




When the sun is set I’ll seal your fate with mine…

Night will burn before me a desecrated throne
They’ll be turning lies to fire in the Valley of all Crime
With a Miracle of bones I’ll bleed them in the fields
To behold the final answer let ‘em know the rage is home!!!

I can heal the desert steal fire from the sun
In my glowing heart a Pyre another work is done
You want something sacred don’t piss inside my Soul
Harmonize your end let it fill the Roman Sky

Run to the woods-the longer Night is calling
Run to the woods-when Light prepares to die
I’ll bring the bulls, & the snakes and the lightning
Like a burning Crown Of War you best prepare to die!!!

Right…bring it back…we’ll watch Heaven burn…
I gave you a promise a song and a truth
I gave you forever my immortal youth…
A lawyer a liar the judge and the crime
A slayer betrayer divine
The Nysa:
Run through the Woods-the shadows here are mourning
Run through the Woods-the bastards drink your wine

I’ll tear the hooves right out of your nightmares
While they’re tearing out the vines to watch Heaven burn!!!
Oh let it burn!

Run through the Woods-free the dangers forming
Run through the Fields-hold Rites against the sky
My sweat like blood heals the winter desert
Thrilled I can be sure that you ‘re mine…Gethsemane

Run through the woods-heed the stranger’s cry
Run through the woods-seal your fate in mine
We are tortured and bound…thrown out of the river
The faithful inquire will I see you die…?
Crowd: Yes…will I see you die under the rope & sky…?
Dionysus: Yes we’ll watch Heaven burn…I’ll tear it down

Can’t you stay awake for one…one fucking hour!!!??? Bastards! Motherfucker…Bitch….

Cleanse with Blood Creation
The Savior God of no one
The Reign of the Fallen
The Kiss of Betrayal
Can’t you stay awake for one…one fucking hour!