You are currently viewing VIOLET ETERNAL – Power Metal Pur: `The Echoes of Time`

VIOLET ETERNAL – Power Metal Pur: `The Echoes of Time`

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Die japanisch-italienische Kooperation VIOLET ETERNAL bietet Power Metal in Reinform. Den ersten Track vom kommenden Full-Length Album „Reload The Violet“ können sich Genrefans jetzt anhören. `The Echoes of Time` ist an diesem Wochenende digital und als Lyricvideo erschienen.

Gitarist Jien Takahashi erklärt wie es zur Zusammenarbeit kam:

„I wanted to create the ultimate melodic power metal duo after MAJUSTICE and other activities, I was hungry for new music. There were a lot of songs at the end of the previous activity, so I was looking for a way to shape it. In such a situation, I met Ivan Giannini online. I originally knew Ivan from his legendary work with VISION DIVINE and the album „Angel of Revenge“ and his other band Derdian. I was completely fascinated by his emotional voice that seemed to burn the skies. So I was wishing I could do something with him. When I got in touch with Ivan, we immediately hit it off and we decided to make an album together.“





  1. The Titans – 1:35
  2. The Echoes of Time – 4:59
  3. Now and Forever – 3:53
  4. Ember Flame – 4:06
  5. Under the Violet Sun – 3:38
  6. Land of Golden Sun – 4:13
  7. Never Surrender – 3:41
  8. Heartless – 3:27
  9. Over the Sorrow – 4:17
  10. Sonata Black – 5:17