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VIO-LENCE – `Let The World Burn` Videopremiere

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Die Bay-Area Thrasher VIO-LENCE präsentieren den zweiten Track und das erste Video zur für den 04. März geplanten brandneuen EP. Nach ‘Flesh From Bone‚ gibt es nun den Titelsong `Let The World Burn` vom gleichnamigen Kurzplayer im Clip.

Frontmann Sean Killian stellt fest:

„The memory of you will be forever forgotten when the extinction event arrives and fire becomes God. When the world burns and all is destroyed, all you know, all you believe will be forgotten forever. Let the world burn!“

Gitarrist Phil Demmel ergänzt:

„That came very naturally. I hadn’t written a lot of thrash in the past 17 years or so but being the main songwriter for the band over the years I wanted that sound, I wanted that mid-80s raw thing, but I also wanted to capture our signature notes and structures and stuff like that.“

Und über Sinn oder Unsinn einer EP:

„I’d like to do another EP rather than an album, and we’re working on the songs for it already, and hopefully we’ll get in to record by next fall. We want to constantly be releasing music, and constantly doing shows. At this stage we’re excited for everybody who’s still excited for this band. To them I say thank you for still listening to and supporting us, we’re excited to come play, so spread the Vio-Lence.“