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Vicky Psarakis (The Agonist) und SICKSENSE – ‘Kings Today’ Video

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Die meisten werden Vicky Psarakis als Frontgrowlerin von THE AGONIST oder aus ihren zahlreichen Soloaktivitäten kennen. SICKSENSE entstanden aus ihrer Zusammenarbeit mit Robby J. Fonts von Stuck Mojo und zeigt eine moderne Groove Metal Seite, die auch mit Rap-Elementen und melodischen Gesangslinien angereichert wird.  Am 22. April wird SICKSENSE eine erste gemeinsame 5-Track EP unter dem gleichen Titel, also “Kings Today“ herausbringen.

Vicky schreibt über ‘Kings Today’:

”In 2019, we wrote this song. We wrote this song about the unnecessary arguments and conflicts over trivial matters that end up ruining relationships and leaving us more divided than ever.

After what has happened since then and with current events, this hits me even harder.

All my life, I’ve been an advocate for spreading positivity. For putting our humanity first and realizing that we have much more in common than we think. That we are stronger together.

While I wish we could be releasing this under better circumstances, I hope „Kings Today“ can help bring us all a little bit closer. Music is a means to inspire, to navigate us through dark times and bring people hope.

„We will rise from the ruin“





Everybody knows everything

About everything

No discussions

Just arguments

We all want to fight

We just want to fight


Yeah, that’s right

They want diversity

Except in opinions

Manipulate the masses

Instigate their feelings

Go figure their dealings

Behind the scenes

Nefarious schemes

Nothing is how it seems

They control

How you think

How you act

What you say

How you feel

Bow down and kneel

Yo, what’s the deal?

Oh, tell me how

You’re keeping it real?


We can feel (We can feel!)

We will rise from the ruin

We can feel (We can feel!)

We will be Kings today


Make it us versus them

You against I

An eye for an eye

Never will satisfy

A never ending thirst

But tell me what’s worse?

Disingenuous gifts

Or a rational curse?

Trivial differences

Break our ties

Lining up their pockets

Profiting off lies

Hate’s the norm

Instead of coming together

We are enemies, sworn


We can feel (We can feel!)

We will rise from the ruin

We can feel (We can feel!)

We will be Kings today


Stay in your lane now, son

We want you open-minded

But not open-minded enough

For you to think differently

From the rest of us


Got me working 9-5

Everyday, same routine

Stuck in traffic on the drive

Day in, day out

No way out

Giving us security?

What an obscurity

Calling it freedom

But having no choice


We can feel

We will rise from the ruins

We can feel

We will be Kings today


We can feel

We can feel

We can feel

We can feel today