You are currently viewing VARIUS – Melodic Deather enthüllen ‚Lament Of Dissonance‘ Lyric Video

VARIUS – Melodic Deather enthüllen ‚Lament Of Dissonance‘ Lyric Video

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Die kanadische Metalband VARIUS präsentierte ihren Melodic Death unlängst auf der EP „Concordance“ und teilt nun ein Lyric Video zum Song ‚Lament Of Dissonance‘.

Die Band erklärt EP und Track:

“We think this album represents a diverse but consistently heavy listening experience. All four songs are distinct in their approach and theme; they are almost representative of four different subgenres of metal. All four songs are consistently heavy and sound like they are related, as they should. We can thank our recording engineer Eddie Lucciola (414 Recordings) for the consistency in production. The song structures, riffs, and lyrics are where most of the diversity lies. The lead single, ‚Lament Of Dissonance‘, is both a straightforward and experimental listening experience. The song has a simple, catchy structure and some different grooves by our standards. That song also has an interesting twist at the end. ‚Lament Of Dissonance‘ definitely represents both the heaviness and the diversity of Concordance.”


Photo Credits: Britney Goertz