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VARG – Pagan Outfit streamt `Immer Treu` Video

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Die deutsche Pagan Metal Crew VARG kündigen ihre neue  Scheibe “Ewige Wacht“ für den 13. Oktober an und haben dazu ein Video zum Track `Immer Treu` online gestellt.

Fylgja über `Immer Treu`:

„’Immer Treu’ is a song that stands for many things. For fortitude, strength and loyalty. But it also underlines that hate, based on different views like for example in terms of religion, is absolutely bad and senseless. In the end we are all the same and should accept and respect each other. It stands for the freedom to be what we want to be.“


Freki ergänzt zum Album:

„Ewige Wacht is both our most emotional and strongest album. It is a journey through Nordic mythology that tells of old stories and the protection and preservation of the flame of our ancestors. Traditions and values like family, fortitude and desire are like a common thread running through the entire record. Uncompromising harshness meets epic and sustaining melodies. Authentically raw production and yet more powerful and mighty than ever. This album will pierce the hearts of our fans, because it comes deeply from ours.”