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VANDERLUST – ‚Scavengers of Kuiper Belt‘ Track und Clip

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Die Italiener VANDERLUST bezeichnen ihre Mischung aus Power/Heavy Metal mit Prog/Thrash-Einflüssen als „Cosmic Metal“. Das selbstbetitelte Debütalbum soll im Frühjahr 2022 erscheinen. Die erste Single ‚Scavengers of Kuiper Belt‘ gibt es bereits jetzt im Visualizer.

Die Band erklärt ihren Stil:

„We tried to mix a prog-thrashy riffing in the roots of Megadeth, Vektor and Tool with epic vocal parts like Iron Maiden, Helloween, Angra, and Lione’s Rhapsody. We also put sci-fi elements in our songs, so you can hear also something from Voivod.“

Und fügt hinzu:

„The main goal was to start a metal band that could be an inspiration for young people, a band that could tell them stories from the future when mankind will have overcome its limits and the solar system will be an entire human colony. This idea came to mind to founding members Francesco and Santo when they began their search for other members that could fit. Drummer Giacomo Mezzetti joined the space odyssey right before the covid-19 outbreak. Vocalist Riccardo Morello joined the band during the first lockdown in Italy, so the first song was entirely composed online, using videocalls and file sharing.