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VALKEAT – Epic/Pagan/Folk Symphoniker mit `Vana` Single und Lyricvideo

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`Vana´, die dritte neue Single der finnischen Metaller VALKEAT präsentiert sich weniger symphonisch und folkig als ihr Vorgänger `My Crown´, dafür episch, hymnisch-melodisch und mit finnischen Lyrics. Der neue Studiosilberling „Fireborn“ kommt dann am 18. August heraus.

Die Band kommentiert das neue Stück:

„Vana is the first Finnish single from our new album Fireborn. It’s a song about adventure and leaving the old we know, and we hope we can inspire everyone to their own life adventures with this song.“


English Lyrics:

How much more do I have to sacrifice to find a land
Where I can breathe and live throughout my life
Over mountains, across the seas I have ventured
Finding nothing at all, so I’m leaving now towards a new world

So everything I have ever known is covered under mist
And raging storms rip apart the world once again
In this journey there is no looking back for anyone of us
As the winds surround us and our trail vanishes away

Our path opens to an uncharted realm
Am I stepping towards a new world or towards my death
Through the wilderness, I start my journey towards the future
Though I don’t know where the path will lead us
From here, where the light does not shine at all

And if this is where my journey ends
If I fall along this road
I will never look back
I would rather be gone
Than grow old in the shadows
That cover this land under darkness