You are currently viewing US Death Metaller NECROT – `Cut the Cord´ Track vom kommenden Album

US Death Metaller NECROT – `Cut the Cord´ Track vom kommenden Album

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Die 2011 gegründeten Death/Extreme Metaller NECROT aus Oakland, Kalifornien, kündigen ihr drittes „make it or break it“ Album „Lifeless Birth“ für den 12. April an und veröffentlichen den OS Track `Cut The Cord´ als Vorgeschmack.

Luca Indrio (Vocals/Bass) über die erste Single:

„We are stoked to finally give our fans a new song and soon a new album. “Cut the Cord” talks about how our minds are contaminated by a constant flow of negative information fed to us on a daily basis. People have their heads buried in their phones, constantly eating from a plate full of shit and the awful future we all didn’t want is now our present. A superficial society of people scared of each other. “Cut the Cord” is a call to disconnect and refuse to live in fear, disengaging from what is making us miserable and starting to perceive life for what one believes and not the distorted and often fake reality that is constantly presented to us in many forms. It’s time to cut the cord.“

Und über das Album:

„The last few years have been tough for us and pretty much for everyone. The result is “Lifeless Birth” our most aggressive album so far, but at the same time also the most melodic. We have always being progressing as a band and I think this is our full maturity stage. We have been Necrot for 13 years now, we work hard to continue doing what we do and we have sacrificed a lot to it. We want to give our contribution to what metal is and will be, we don’t want to just pass by unnoticed. We want to live our mark and so far “Lifeless Birth” is without doubt our best effort.“



Endless sorrow is fed to you
from a device into your mind.
How to feel real when artificially confined?
The untold pain of countless lies
foment the fear of dying.
The unwanted thoughts you have inside,
implanted doubts to make you afraid.
This world belongs to them.
They live we die.
The choice belongs to you.
Consume or cut the cord.
Break the cord that feed you pain.
Disengage the machine that turned you afraid.
Can’t you see? In the end no one is saved.
On all graves every flower left will rot.
Endless sadness infecting all.
You have been lured into a cage
and you won’t escape if you play their game.
Mind oppression serves the power
as a way to keep you silent.
Through deceit they gain compliance.
You will think as they desire.
Bow your head and fall in line.
Fuck, produce and then you die.
Break your chains and get away
from your miserable life.