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URIAH HEEP – `Hurricane` Clip veröffentlicht

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Die Alt-Hard Rock Legende, mit mehr als 40 Millionen verkauften Alben, URIAH HEEP stellt heute ihre Single vom anstehenden 25. Longplayer  „Chaos & Colour“ vor, der am 27. Januar erscheinen wird. Zuvor hatten die Briten bereits die erste Auskopplung `Save Me Tonight` vorgestellt.

Drummer Russell Gilbrook:

“Simon (Pinto) and I wrote the song about how our ancestors looked at storms and how these can be interpreted as being messages from the Gods… Their power is awesome and a great inspiration for a rocking track!”

Gründungsmitglied Mick Box ergänzt:

“Music and lyrics are of paramount importance to me… I used to hate those ‘80s MTV million dollar videos as they created such a visual image that all calls to imagination were lost because you didn’t have to think. I think the power of music and lyrics are that they do certain things to certain people.”