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UNTAMED LAND – Atmospheric Metal Projekt enthüllt neue Single ‚A Nameless Shape‘

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UNTAMED LAND aus Ohio sind wohl das erste und einzige Atmospheric Metal Projekt, das Musik aus Filmsequenzen von klassischen, alten Western in seinen einzigartigen Sound einbezieht.

So auch beim neuen Track ‚A Nameless Shape‘ vom kommenden Longplayer „Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms“ (8. Oktober).

Projekt Mastermind Patrick Kern sagt über den neuen Song:

„With a thundering march-like drum pattern and aggressive full chord guitar strumming, the first two minutes of this song set the stage for the rest of the album. The lyrics tell a tale of isolation and spiritual crisis set against the backdrop of the mythical Old West. This video only serves as a teaser however, and you will have to pick up the album itself to see how the story for this song ends.“

Und fügt in Sachen Album hinzu:

“I would hesitate to call this a black metal album. It’s meant to be a cinematic journey into a dark and fantastical old west setting, and various genres and sounds are used to bring that story to life. Lyrically, whereas the previous album dealt with the eternal struggle of the solar hero, this time we delve into a sort of gnostic „Beauty and the Beast“ story, ultimately revolving around the feminine role in creation and the tension between the world of matter and the world of forms. The album ended up reflecting my own spiritual journey that occurred all throughout the writing and production process. I had a great time experimenting with many different styles and sounds for this release and am excited to share this new chapter in the UNTAMED LAND world!“