You are currently viewing UNLEASH THE ARCHERS – `Falsewave´ Lyricvideo kündigt „Apex“ Fifth Anniversary Edition an

UNLEASH THE ARCHERS – `Falsewave´ Lyricvideo kündigt „Apex“ Fifth Anniversary Edition an

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Am 18. November präsentieren die kanadischen Modern Power Metaller UNLEASH THE ARCHERS die Wiederveröffentlichung ihrer aktuellen Scheibe „Apex“ (2021) in der „Fifth Anniversary Edition“. Der Song `Falsewave´, den es heute im Lyricvideo gibt, wird einer von zwei unveröffentlichten Bonustracks der Scheibe sein.

Frontfrau Brittney Slayes erklärt genauer:

„Hard to believe it’s been five years since we released Apex! That record was really the beginning of a new era for us, so we are so excited to finally give it the deluxe treatment it deserves! The new bonus tracks were a lot of fun to create, as they’ve allowed us to show some of our other musical influences more prominently. The earbook is definitely the part I am most excited about though, being that the earbook for Abyss was really a sequel to the story from Apex. Now our listeners can read the full ‚Immortal Saga‘ chapter by chapter and discover some new details that were too difficult to convey through the music. And, we can’t forget about the instrumental edition! We’ve had fans asking for it for a long time and we can’t wait to hear the vocal covers and new renditions they come up with! We are just so excited for everyone to get their hands on this new edition – it’s such a great way to celebrate the fifth anniversary of this album that will always remain so special to us!“


Photo Credit: Shimon Photo