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U.D.O. – `Forever Free´ Single im Lyricvideo teasert „Touchdown“ Album

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Das deutsche Heavy Metal Quintett U.D.O. um den legendären Sänger Udo Dirkschneider und den mit diesem wiedervereinten ehemaligen ACCEPT Bassisten Peter Baltes hat für den 25. August sein neues Langeisen „Touchdown“ angekündigt und veröffentlicht soeben die erste Single `Forever Free´ samt Lyricclip.

Drummer Sven Dirkschneider erklärt die Bedeutung des Songs:

„‚Forever Free‘ is supposed to make people not simply believe facts they hear or get shown, for example by media, but to think individually. Of course, we don’t mean that one should question everything. The song shall just express that it’s better to create own opinions about conflicts and other topics one stands for, even when they’re wrong sometimes, than to follow the mass blindly. It’s a musical tribute to our privilege of living in a free world as we luckily can.“



I want to live my life not influenced by lies
I need to make up my own mind
I’ve seen the changing times – they didn’t fit so right
It sent my fears to a new height

I’ve found my own way to believe
A brand-new level of relief
I’m flying free into the sun
Come and join me – everyone

We will be forever free
Live your life – take it far
We will be forever free
Live your life – be who you are

I see no point to take this nuclear abuse
Hey! What the hell is going on?
We talk about democracy and liberty
Instead oppression’s all I see