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TÝR – Nächster Videotrack: `Dragons Never Die´

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Die Viking Metaller TÝR von den Färöer haben ihre neue Studioscheibe ”Battle Ballads” für den 12. April angekündigt und präsentieren nach `Axes` und `Hammered´ bereits die dritte Videoauskopplung `Dragons Never Die´ samt Video.

Sänger/Gitarrist Heri Joensen über die Single:

“The song starts with a long harmonic crescendo on drums and guitar reminiscent of classical Deep Purple, then shifts an eastern inspired melodic journey back in time with wordless singalong parts, going into a rhythmically simple and stomping verse about a gold-grabbing dragon and a protagonist set on defeating it. It’s a fast and riveting chorus. The metal story progresses and culminates into a face melting solo. With the last chorus, the protagonist finds that becoming rich beyond measure just makes him the next dragon.”