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TYGERS OF PAN TANG am Rande der Welt -`Edge Of The World` Video

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TYGERS OF PAN TANG, also eine der großen alten NWOBHM Bands, veröffentlichen gerade ihre neue Single `Edge Of The World` digital und auch als Lyricvideo. Die Band schickt damit einen ersten Ausblick auf ihren neuen Longplayer, der im Frühling veröffentlicht werden soll. Inhaltlich geht es dabei noch einmal um die höchst seltsame Siutuation wähhren der Pandemie.

Sänger Jack Meille lässt uns Wissen:

Based on Robb’s riff, the new song shows the great songwriting talent of Francesco who came up with the Spanish-flavoured section and the melodic chorus. „This song sums up the ultimate Tygers sound: heavy and yet melodic!„.

Drummer Craig Ellis fügt hinzu: „The lyrics were inspired by the unprecedented, strange and worrying pandemic circumstances that each and every one of us suddenly found ourselves in, literally, one more step and we’d be forever falling„.






I’ve walked these desert lands I’ve come so far

Through empty streets under abandoned stars

All the oceans have dried and gone

There’s no one, nothing’s left I don’t where I belong


I’m standing at the edge of the world

Looking out from the edge of the world

There’s nothing left beyond the edge of the world

Just one more step and I’ll be forever falling


I shed a tear for my fellow man

Just like me they sacrificed their souls

We saw things we’d never seen before

The day of reckoning had come to take us all






The Gates of Hades stand before me now

This raging hell before my very eyes

The howling terrifies my mind, my soul

There’s no escape from this place

This very place that I despise




A shroud of darkness as the light slowly fades

When I return this earth will burn

Till the end of days


The edge of the world

The edge of the world