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TUNGSTEN – `Northern Lights‘ Videosingle

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Mittelalterlich geht es zu im neuen Video zu ‚Northern Lights‘ vom brandneu erschienenen Album “Bliss“ der schwedischen Metaller.



„In the mist of the morning light

Long ago in ancient times

Children hear the battle roaring

When the morning turns to day

The sound of armor still echoing

Into the night without ending


Vikings fight like savages

When they die they face Odin’s court

Fallen heroes turns to legends

Through the northern light they pass

When they die they sing their song

Far beyond forever


I can still hear them sing

I can still hear them sing


Through the hours of the night

A light so pure and magical

Shining on the frosty mountains

In the sparkling land of snow

The melody of the faded ones

Are now humming in forever


The sound of blades clash

Under a blood red sun they fight

Suddenly a bright light appears

From afar Volfram arrived


I can still hear them sing

Into forever“