You are currently viewing TSJUDER – Old School Black Metaller dreschen `Iron Beast`

TSJUDER – Old School Black Metaller dreschen `Iron Beast`

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Die Norwegische Black Metal Größe TSJUDER streamt ein Visualizer-Video zum neuen Blastbeat-Opener `Iron Beast` von ihrem, am 23. Juni kommenden Longplayer  “Helvegr“. Übrigens das erste komplette Album seit 2015.



Black metal razor blades

Fifty cal hellraiser

Barbed wire wrapped

Diesel monster unleashed


Aw, come on! Raise Hell!


Thick black polluter

Ghost demon riders

Satanic death vessel

Unholy horror machine


The demon races forward

Serving death to the masses


Commander of legions behind

King of kings, Satan

Thunderstorms and fire follows

Hate from forgotten ages


Aw, come on! Arm!

Aw, Fire! For effect!


Demons arise from fire and ice

With weapons of mass destruction

Diesel monsters carving the path

Shaped and crafted from Black Metal


Impenetrable Black metal

Deep scaring tracks

Blood spewing chimney

Three headed beast