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TROLLFEST – ‚Dance Like A Pink Flamingo‘ Single und Clip

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Das verrückte Folk Metal Outfit, die Könige des norwegischen Balkanmetals TROLLFEST sind zurück und teilen ihre neue Single ‚Dance Like A Pink Flamingo‘ samt ziemlich buntem, gewohnt beknacktem Videoclip. Mit dem Song will der nerdige Haufen außerdem am diesjährigen Eurovision Song Contest teilnehmen, wozu sie jedoch erst einmal den norwegischen Vorentscheid „Melodi Grand Prix“ erfolgreich bestreiten müssten.

Die Band kommentiert folgendermaßen:

“Greetings to all!!! It is finally time to share the big news we have been hinting at. First, foremost and immediately noteworthy, our new single is out, it is called „Dance like a Pink Flamingo“ and you should check it out a couple of times each day until the end of time in our opinion. Secondly (although this does entail a few firsts for us) we are going to be on TV! Mainly in Norway but it is on the state channel none the less because we are participating in this year’s Melody Grand Prix!! Needless to say we are extremly honored, pleased and excited! We also want to be winners so if you could all vote for us three times each (that is the allowed number) we would be super duper happy! This will be broadcast live on NRK TV on Saturday January 15. Thirdly, but perhaps most importantly, our new single is from our new album, it is completely finished and more information on that will follow… For now, we would love it if you all help us make everybody dance like a pink flamingo! And vote to make us winners. We really want to win music!!!”