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TRISKELYON – 80ies Thrasing Clip`Tektyranny` ist online

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Die kanadische Thrashband TRISKELYON gibt einen Vorgeschmack auf die zweite Langrille, die den Titel „Artificial Insanity“ trägt und am 08. September herauskommt. Dafür hat sich Bandkopf Geoff Waye verschiedene Sänger rekrutiert, die der Scheibe eine ordentliche Portion Abwechslung garantieren sollten.  Den mit 80er Sounfs gespickten Song `Tektyranny` könnt ihr euch hier als Lyricclip geben.

Geoff Waye über die Auskopplung:

„The album’s opening track, this one is a thrasher of a song that kind of came out a little like Megadeth with a mixture of some tremolo picking almost black metal-esque guitar parts. It features Armin Kamal from the Canadian thrash band INFRARED. Their first run was back in the mid to late 80s, then they went on a long hiatus until they came back in 2014. Armin is another person who I didn’t know personally, but I admired what he was doing with his band. So in keeping with the theme of looking for Canadian vocalists to help out with the vocals, I reached out to him to see if he’d be interested in singing a song on the album and luckily he was! I sent a rough mix of the song and my lyrics and let him do his thing. Armin does some amazing vocals on here. Listen for the high screams in the chorus, especially at the end of the song, which enters into the realms of Rob Halford and King Diamond. The mixture of that and his more gruff thrash vocals really stand out.“




  1. Tektyranny (4:15)
  2. At War With Demons (3:39)
  3. Bringers of Chaos (5:16)
  4. Is Hope Still Alive? (4:20)
  5. Obsolescence (3:16)
  6. One Blood (5:12)
  7. Visionaries (4:29)
  8. Beyond The Past (4:59)
  9. Celtic Creatures (3:09)
  10. Why Burn? (3:48)
  11. It Doesn’t Really Matter (Platinum Blonde cover) (4:03)