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TRIBULATION – `Vengeance (The Pact)` Videopremiere

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TRIBULATIONs “Hamartia“ getaufte vier-Track EP , der schwedischen Gothic Death Crew ist gestern erschienen und mit ihr auch der Stop-Motion Clip zum Blue Öyster Cult Cover `Vengeance (The Pact)`. Das Musikvideo zum Titeltrack `Axis Mundi` ist bereits im Januar veröffentlicht worden.

TRIBULATION Gitarrist Adam Zaars erklärt über die Entstehung der EP:

 „The plan going forward is that Joseph and I will split the writing duties, just as me and Jonathan did before.The other difference this time is that we did work a bit closer with each other on these songs. On the last couple of albums, we’ve basically written our material separately. This time, even though Joseph wrote ‚Axis Mundi‘ and I wrote the other two songs, I still went to Stockholm every other weekend for the entire Spring leading up to the recording, and we sat together and tried different things out. We’ve worked closer this time than we’ve done at least since ‚The Children of The Night‘. Comparing it to the last album, I’d say the new songs are a bit more cynical, harsher in a way.“