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TORREFY – Black Thrasher mit `Enslaved New World` Premiere

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Die Kanadier TORREFY veröffentlichen ihre neue Single `Enslaved New World` von ihrem noch ausstehenden Studioalbum “Necronomisongs“ . Dabei mischt die Band Elemente aus traditionellem Thrash mit Black Vocals. Wann der Longplayer herauskommt, steht noch nicht fest.

Die Band äußert sich wie folgt über “Necronomisongs“:

“`Enslaved New World` is the next track we’ve premiered from our upcoming album Necronomisongs! With every track on the album being based on a favorite book of vocalist John Ferguson, this next one is from the fantasy series The Death Gate Cycle. One of his favorite takes on the fantasy genre; it lulls you into a sense of familiarity with an almost paint-by-numbers fantasy setting and story, which quickly evolves into a vast conceptual tapestry of excellent lore, characters and subjects.“





Rivers flow, Serpent trails

Of liquid stone, Scalding scales

Create the veins, Map the ways

A freezing world

With blood of flame


Shame untamed, the corpses raised

Supply the time for lives to waste

Misted breath of frigid death

Dims the glow as embers nest


Cadavers shaken from their rest

Crippled kingdoms blasphemous

Condemn the clans to frosted hells

Ensure the dead shall rule the realm


No stones in rows

Reaped from repose

Discourse corrodes

To morose and morbid prose


Carcass culture

Controlling vultures

Fallen altars


Where a remnant takes to movement

Fate collects a fair replacement


Abstruse torment fills the heads

Seething masses vengeful dead

Morgue militia blades stained red


Flee for your souls as death unfolds

Arrogance unfurls

The Enslaved New World

Hearts of the grave, lives are depraved

Hubris has unfurled

The Enslaved New World