You are currently viewing TORN BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (Sarah Jezebel Deva & Chris Rehn) – Symphonisch im `Transparent‘ Clip

TORN BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (Sarah Jezebel Deva & Chris Rehn) – Symphonisch im `Transparent‘ Clip

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Sängerin Sarah Jezebel Deva (Ex- CRADLE OF FILTH , HECATE ENTHRONED, THE KOVENANT, THERION) und Chris Rehn (Ex- EVERGREY sowie aktives TAKIDA Mitglied) haben für den 03. Juni ihre EP “As If We Never Existed“ angekündigt. Jetzt könnt ihr, nach `All Eyes On Me`, den Song Nummer zwei von den insgesamt fünf Stücken hören. Musikalisch zeichnet sich jetzt klar der Symphonic Bereich als generelle Ausrichtung der Band ab.

Sarah kommentiert `Transparent‘:

„This song was a bit of a challenge for me as this song is totally from scratch. It wasn’t written a few years ago like “The Beauty Of Deception” was, “All Eyes On Me” was also written a few years ago, but 80% of the lyrics lost, re written and re arranged and the vocals recorded at my home and “Hello” being a cover song (Adele). This is the first song lyric wise that I have written in almost 10 years I think and when Chris sent me the music, I found it so difficult getting everything together. I recorded half a track and Chris and I, just weren’t feeling it, so we took a big step back for a few months and let everything digest, because you can’t rush a song if you want people to believe you believe in your music. Chris Rehn is a mind blowing composer and takes much pride in his arrangements and for me, as silly as it sounds, I want him to be proud of the song and me. I can’t stress enough how its him that should be praised to high heaven, not me.

The song is based on fame and ego, people who take everything and everyone for granted and takes pleasure in destroying everything and people, only to make themselves feel better. They love to take credit for absolutely everything, whilst others work their arses off, put their heart and soul into everything. Self destructive, compulsive liar who believes you are where you are today because of them. Surrounded by many for the wrong reasons, yet doesn’t actually doesn’t have much.“