You are currently viewing TONY IOMMI – Neuer Song ‚Scent Of Dark‘ vom Black Sabbath-Gitarristen

TONY IOMMI – Neuer Song ‚Scent Of Dark‘ vom Black Sabbath-Gitarristen

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TONY IOMMI bringt mit dem Instrumental ‚Scent Of Dark‘ samt Video den ersten neuen Song seit 2017 heraus. Der Track wurde gemeinsam mit Sergio Momo, dem Gründer und Creative Manager der Firma Xerjoff, aufgenommen. Diese wird in Kürze ein eigenes Parfüm des Black Sabbath-Gitarristen auf den Markt bringen.

Tony Iommi erklärt:

“Would you be interested in doing your own perfume? I went, ‘Oh, that’s amazing. I had to write down all the different smells that I like, and then he built perfume from that. Sergio also loves music, and he plays guitar. He said, ‘What about doing a tune for the scent?’ And we thought it best to do an instrumental as opposed a having a vocalist and going through all that. So I had this idea and I played it to him, and he liked it, and then I just added more parts to it to make it what it was.”

Und über den Videodreh:

“The only trouble is, when I was outside filming, I had an audience. All the people that go around viewing the castle were standing there watching me, looking like, ‘What’s he doing? Oh, dear.’“