You are currently viewing TOMMY JOHANSSON ft. Chris Davidsson (Therion) – Gary Moore Cover: `Murder In The Skies`

TOMMY JOHANSSON ft. Chris Davidsson (Therion) – Gary Moore Cover: `Murder In The Skies`

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TOMMY JOHANSSON, seineszeichens Sabaton Gitarrist und Majestica Frontman teilt wieder eine, seiner zahllosen Coversongs oder besser Neuinterpretationen bekannter Tracks.  Diese Woche ist mit, dem erstmals 1984 veröffentlichten, `Murder In The Skies` ein weiterer Gary Moore Klassiker an der Reihe, bei dem er erstmals Hilfe von einem anderen Musiker bekommt. Namentlich Therion Basser Chris Davidsson, der nicht nur den Bass übernimmt, sondern sich auch den Gesang mit TOMMY teilt.

TOMMY JOHANSSON schreibt dazu:

This time I have the one, the only, the most bearded – Chris Davidsson – with me on lead bass and lead vocals.


I knew before, but I forgot that the plane crash Gary Moore sings about in this song happened on the 1st of September 1983.

Evidently so……this means (by 100% incredible coincidence) that this cover is released on the 40th anniversary of that horrible crash that this songs is about.

On the same day – 40 years later. How is that even possible?

Hope you will enjoy our tribute to Gary Moore, played on Gary Moore’s old guitar that he used between 1986-1989.

Thanks to Chris Davidsson for joining in on this one!”