You are currently viewing THY SHINING CURSE – `Melmoth` Video der US Symphonic Death Truppe

THY SHINING CURSE – `Melmoth` Video der US Symphonic Death Truppe

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THY SHINING CURSE aus Pittsburgh mischen in ihrer neu veröffentlichten Videosingle `Melmoth` Death Metal mit ein wenig Symphonic und Tech-Anleihen. „Theurgia“ (Griechisch für „Göttliches Werk“), das Debüt des Trios, erscheint am 16. Februar.





I walk this earth in disguise (I laugh at all mankind)

Wanderer, living a cursed life (Black deeds, subtle and sublime)

Conjuring fear in hearts of men (your suffering, my exculpation)

This wicked race of inbred pawns I’ve beheld


Trying to rid the disease

This bloody stain of self-inflicting misery

Born to die on a meaningless world

They kneel and slither since the day they’re born


A thousand years of shame

A thousand years to set the world aflame

Carry the burden (I must)

Spitting heaven (In disgust)

True heir of Cain, Melmoth is my name


Sanity  this irony (Wise words stumbling on deaf ears)

This breed of grateful slaves (No one can redeem)

Hypocrisy  this blasphemy (A homage that vice pays to virtue)

An elegy for the age of agony


Will you dare to say so? Have you never erred? Have you never felt one impure sensation? Have you never indulged a transient feeling of hatred, or malice, or revenge? Have you never forgot to do the good you ought to do, or remembered to do the evil you ought not to have done?

(Charles Maturin  Melmoth the wanderer)


A thousand years of shame