You are currently viewing THUNDERMOTHER – `Borrowed Time´ Videopremiere der Heavy Rock Ladies

THUNDERMOTHER – `Borrowed Time´ Videopremiere der Heavy Rock Ladies

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Die schwedischen Rockerinnen präsentieren ein brandneues Video zum Track `Borrowed Time´ vom aktuellen „Black And Gold“ Studiodreher.

Die Band über den DIY Clip:

„Made by us in The valley of Fire in Nevada with Filippas iPhone 13 + pro. Emlee slowed down the music and sped it up in her editing. The whole band rented a car and drove out in the desert with our gear the day before our Las Vegas Show. We are really excited and hope you like our DIY video! It’s always been a dream for us to have a video in the desert.“

Die Videopremiere geht um 16:00 Uhr CET über die Bühne.



Lights go out the show is over

Cut the cord and shut it down

A flashlight shows me off the stage

And I wave goodbye


Grab a beer and talk it over

It winds me down and takes the edge off

Did I do it like I should have

Did I do enough

Did I do enough


We’ve been here before

Many times around

Shakes me to the core

Every single night

And I want to live forever

But I know it’s just a lie

It’s just borrowed time


Shaking hands with random people

Taking photos left and right

Even though my makeup is cracking

I always smile

I always smile