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THULCANDRA – Black-Death Metaller teilen `Blood Of Slaves`

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Die zwischen Death und schwarzmetallischen Sounds wandelnde Crew von THULCANDRA stellt heute den neuen Song `Blood Of Slaves` als Visualizer vor. Der Track entstammt dem fünften Album “Hail The Abyss“, das ihr am 19. Mai in den Händen halten könnt.

Steffen Kummerer sagt über die Single:

„‚Blood Of Slaves‘ might be one of the fastest and most aggressive songs on our new album „Hail The Abyss“. With sharp riffing and sheer endless aggression, the song pushes relentlessly.“ und ergänzt zur Scheibe: “With ‘Hail The Abyss’, we count the 5th album within 20 years of Thulcandra. A banger, and a diverse record that shows a unique blend of black and death metal, combined with classic heavy metal twin guitars. The album turned out excellent and Dan Swanö delivered a splendid mix – raw, natural and showcasing each individual musician on the record. ‘Hail The Abyss’ undoubtedly turned into a highlight of our long lasting career.“

Die bereits bekannten Songs des Albums gibt es hier.



Hail The Abyss“ Trackliste:

  1. In The Eye Of Heaven
  2. Hail The Abyss
  3. At Night
  4. Velvet Damnation
  5. On The Wings Of Cosmic Fire
  6. Acheronian Cult
  7. As I Walk Through The Gateway
  8. Blood Of Slaves
  9. In Darkness We Descend
  10. The Final Closure
  11. The Second Fall – Live (CD Bonus Track)
  12. Deliverance In Sin And Death – Live (CD Bonus Track)