You are currently viewing THRAW (U.D.O, Pestilence Member u.a.) – ‘Century Of Enslavement’ bringt rohen Thrash

THRAW (U.D.O, Pestilence Member u.a.) – ‘Century Of Enslavement’ bringt rohen Thrash

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THRAW, sind slovenische Thrasher, bestehend aus Tilen Hudrap (U.D.O, Dirkschneider, ex- Pestilence, ex-Paradox, Testament (live), ex-Vicious Rumors) haben ihre neue Single ‘Century Of Enslavement’. Zwar besteht die Band schon seit über 15 Jahren  und hat auch schon Einiges veröffentlicht aber erst seit der Pandemie und personellen Wechseln kann sie international auf sich aufmerksam machen. Wir warten auf das neue Album. Bis dahinerst einmal der neue Track.


Drown informations at any cost
Repeat the cycle of life once lost
Punish, oppress, delete the memories!

Shadow corporations in Wall Street
Total corruption, eternal deceit!
False infos everywhere
Hoax stories through online shares!

Awaken the sleeper or bullets will rain!
Defy what they say, use your brains!
Dishonesty feeds what the system needs!
Bleed for freedom or they’ll take it away!!!

Life expires and your soul rots
In ethereal things you place your trust… Indirect dependency!

Eternally in debt to the force divine
Who can decide who lives or dies?
Depopulation, chaos arise!

Endless conspiracy
A stabwound of society
Deleting human memory
Controlling our current reality!

Artificial intelligence
Creating false oasis
Forced into your hands on a daily basis
Fake dream on a touchscreen!
Addicted society, shallow, hollow liberty!

Manipulator, fabricator, systematic reek!
Corporate fighter, falsifier, war atrocities
Police state, endless hate, privacy intrusion!
Infiltrator, fucking traitor, brain dissolution!

Capitulation of reason
The ultimate treason
Imprisoned by hatred
Body depletion
Education = intellect discrimination!

Died before you were born!
Backbone of a corporate whore
Guilty before the crime
Survive just to be able…to die!

Century of Enslavement!
It never changes…
Symphony of Hate!
Will echo through the ages!