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THERION – Zweite „Leviathan III“ Videosingle präsentiert: `Ruler Of Tamag´

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Bereits seit den 90er produzieren die schwedischen Symphonic Metal Ikonen THERION genredefinierende Alben und haben das ein oder andere kleine Meisterwerk hervorgebracht. So soll es auch am 15. Dezember wieder sein, wenn die neue Scheibe „Leviathan III“ herauskommt. Nach `Twilight Of The Gods` präsentiert die Band heute die zweite Videoauskopplung `Ruler Of Tamag´ ein eher ruhiger Track mit durchweg weiblichen Vocals.

Mastermind Christofer Johnsson über “Ruler of Tamag”:

„The song was written by me and Thomas Vikström and it has a lot of Middle Eastern influences in the music. Lyrically it  deals with the ruler of the Underworld in the Turkic mythology called Erlik. Parts of the song is in Turkish language. I collaborated with Soner Canözer from the now defunct Turkish symphonic metal band Almora for the translation/rewriting of the Turkish parts of the lyrics. The video is a lyric video and it was done by Carlos Toro from Abysmo Films that did our video clips the past 13 years.”

Und weiter:

„It’s a pretty long song, almost 7 min. This song is one of the few on the album where Hellscore isn’t performing. Instead we have the Turkish choir I told you about yesterday. Plus a Spanish choir that we use in 5 songs on the album (sometimes alone and sometimes they double Hellscore). On lead vocals you have mainly Taida, but at the end of the song you have Rosa coming in. Her last parts in the song sound EXACTLY like Linnea though, it’s so similar that Linnea would probably think ”Hey, when did I record this?”