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THERION – `Nummo` Video zum Albumrelease

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Heute erscheint “Leviathan III“  , der letzte Teil der Leviathan Trilogie von THERION. Passend zur Veröffentlichung ist gerade das Video zum darauf enthaltenden Stück `Nummo` online gegangen.

Christofer Johnsson über die Auskopplung:

 „’Nummo’ is a song about the amphibious fish-like entities in the Dogon religion. We already touched the Dogon religion with the Sirius B title track in 2004, but as it wasn’t much lyrics in that song, it felt the time was right for a revisist and a proper lyric. In the video clip we try to give an introduction to Dogon ceremonies. We couldn’t afford to pay Nummo in person to appear in the video clip, so we had to make an animation for that.”



Leviathan III Tracklistine:
1 Ninkigal
2 Ruler Of Tamag
3 An Unsung Lament
4 Maleficium
5 Ayahuasca
6 Baccanale
7 Midsommarblot
8 What Was Lost Shall Be Lost No More
9 Duende
10 Nummo
11 Twilight Of The Gods


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