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THE SPIRIT – ‘Celestial Fire‘ Videorelease

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Das im Death und Black Metal verwurzelte Duo THE SPIRIT veröffentlicht die zweite Single ihres kommenden dritten Studiooutputs „Of Clarity and Galactic Structures“. ‘Celestial Fire‘ kommt anständig technisch und leicht angeschwärzt gleich im aufwendigen Videoformat daher.



Worshipped, praised and feared since the dawn of the human race

Creation, the origin and carrier of demise


The great conjunction, rise of darkness

Proclamation of grief and doom


Towering waves of fire

Deep inside nuclear art

Two collide and become one

Stellar existence the cradle of life

Born out of elements scattered by dying ancestors into the universe

The cosmic cycle

Journey into infinity


Hail the celestial fire

Mass ejections rising higher

Spark the inner light

Preserver from eternal night


Honoured with blood of the weak

The flint cuts through the mortal’s flesh

Ritual extraction of life

A savage human sacrifice

The temple drowned in blood

Hearts piled up for the stellar god

Decapitation the shell goes down

Endless repetition of insanity