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THE SILVERBLACK – Industrial Unit mit `Serenades Of Hate` Videosingle

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Die italienischen Industrial Metaller, die auch schon mit dem ehemaligen Fear Factory Shouter Burton C. Bell zusammengearbeitet haben, stellen ihre neue Single, samt passendem Video online. `Serenades Of Hate` erinnert dabei an eine härtere Version von Manson.





Of all the pleasures that this world can provide you

Nothing’s ever what you need

What can you do just to prove

That you’re not another mannequin

Trapped inside a web of decay


This is my legacy

That’s what I’m meant to be

A dark horse striding through your dreams

Accelerate, accelerate

This rage consumes my heart

Towards my funeral

I’ve filled these pages with my pain

My serenades, my serenades of hate


There are so many ways to lie to yourself

And hide behind a shroud of fear

What will you do when the noose

Starts to slowly press around your neck

As your life is fading away


You have been lied to since the day of your birth

Force-fed with lies and fear from the cradle straight to the hearse


So let the curtain fall

And land a blow to end it all

We’ll meet again

In this world or the next