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THE SADE – Goth Unit veröffentlicht `King And Queen`

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Das Gothic bzw. Death Rock Outfit THE SADE aus Italien bereitet die Veröffentlichung ihres full-lengthAlbums, unter dem Namen „Nocturna“ vor und schicken als Vorabauskopplung ihren Clip zu `King And Queen`. Ab dem 28. Oktober könt ihr das komplette Album in den Händen halten.


Die Band schickt folgendes Statement:

„The album’s most intense track, slow and decadent, is about the relationship between man and woman, elevated to king and queen. Life’s sorrows infect their dark love. Together they will only find peace in death!”





Gloomy thoughts, the King was left to mourn

Embedded in black and grieving all alone

He’s getting used to watch the bloody leaves

Falling one by one, rotting on his sleeves


All we know about death

We have been deceived

Lonesome and with nothing

She comes like a thief


Murky dawn, the Queen’s no longer home

Her soul’s not coming back, another life has gone

She’s got used to watch her wrists bleed

Trying to drain her pain, but this time she leaves


All we know about death

The fire is yours to keep

I have lost my faith, no!

I am here alone…