You are currently viewing THE RODS – HM Veteranen fordern: `Play It Loud` (Video)

THE RODS – HM Veteranen fordern: `Play It Loud` (Video)

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Das die traditionsreichen THE RODS ihren Longplayer für 19. Januar 2024 angekündigt haben, dürfte sich inzwischen rumgesprochen haben. Dennoch, streamt das Trio heute das Video zur dritten Auskopplung `Play It Loud`. 2024 wird die Band 45 Jahre alt werden, dazu plant die Band einige Special Shows. Mal schauen, ob es die alten Recken auch zu uns verschlägt.

David „Rock“ Feinstein erzählt zu `Play It Loud`:

„This is a song from my catalog. For all the years that I have performed, playing loud was always there. Of course growing up with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Who, and all the bands of that era, they were all loud.  Rock ’n‘ Roll is supposed to be loud. If I had a dollar for every time I was told to „turn down“, I would be a multi millionaire, ha! The lyrics tell it all. It’s just something you do that makes you feel good. I guess that’s what it’s all about.



 „Rattle The Cage“ Trackliste:

  1. Now And Forever
  2. Wolves At The Door
  3. Cry Out Loud
  4. Rattle The Cage
  5. Can’t Slow Down
  6. Metal Highways
  7. Hell Or High Water
  8. Play It Loud
  9. Shockwave
  10. Hearts Of Steel

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