You are currently viewing THE OBSESSED – Neue Single `Realize A Dream` der Doom Crew

THE OBSESSED – Neue Single `Realize A Dream` der Doom Crew

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Scott Wino Weinrich und seine Doomer THE OBSESSED haben den nächsten Somng ihres nächsten Albums “Gilded Sorrow“ veröffentlicht und halten so die Fans der klassischen Slowtracks weiter bei der Stange. ins Rennen. Die fünfte Scheibe erscheint am 16. Februar 2024, weitere Auskopplungen findet ihr über den untenren Link.

Der Frontmann erzählt über den `Realize A Dream`:

This track is an example of how amazing the universe is: I wrote this track while still in high school. Later, I showed it to Dale Flood, who asked to record it on the Unorthodox’s „Asylum“ album engineered by Frank Marchand. Fast forward to The Obsessed’s „Sacred“ sessions with Frank. Out of the blue, he said that we should cover this Unorthodox song. I replied, „Realize A Dream?“ He said, „Yeah, how did you know?“. „Because I wrote it!“. This song is about destiny, questions on existence, and a human’s quest for answers related to life. It’s a real old song, but still relevant in my opinion.