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THE NEW ROSES – `The Usual Suspects´ Single kündigt „Sweet Poison“ Album an

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Die hessischen 80s Rocker THE NEW ROSES stellen im Video ihre brandneue Single `The Usual Suspects´ vor. Das neue Album „Sweet Poison“ kommt dann am 21. Oktober in die Läden.

Die Band über den neuen Track:

“’The Usual Suspects’ was one of the first songs we recorded for Sweet Poison and kind of paved the way for all the songs that came after that. We all realized that we don’t wanna write about the disappointments and struggles we had to deal with during all these lockdowns and being banned from the stage. No, ‘The Usual Suspects’ made us look ahead, It helped not to forget what and who we are: A damn Rock’n’Roll band. The title says it all: We’re the usual suspects and our fans are the usual suspects. We haven’t changed, we’re not bitter. We’ll be back on the road and we keep on rocking right where we had to stop…“

Und zum Album gibt es von Frontmann Timmy Rough Folgendes zu sagen:

“When we recorded Sweet Poison, we took all the bad vibes, all our struggle and disappointments of the last two years and turned them into this incredibly positive, high energy Rock n‘ Roll album. We don’t bitch at all, we wanna move forward and take our audience along with us. We stayed on our musical path, in fact I’d say we even went back closer to our roots and added some more of our Blues and Southern spirit while still keeping the catchy melodies of our last records. But hey, talk is cheap, so turn it up and have some fun.“