You are currently viewing THE LION’S DAUGHTER – Full Album Stream der “Skin Show”

THE LION’S DAUGHTER – Full Album Stream der “Skin Show”

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Im Vorfeld der Veröffentlichung von “Skin Show” streamen THE LION’S DAUGHTER bereits ihren neuesten Longplayer. Das Album zeigt die formalige Black Crust Band recht weit entfernt von ihren Wurzeln. So nehmen neuerdings die dunklen Synths einen gehörigen Raum ein, ohne dabei soft zu sein. Das Ergebnis könnte man vielleicht mit dem Begriff „Brutal Goth“ beschreiben.

Frontman Rick Giordano sagt selbst über die eingeschlagene Richtung:

“This was our attempt at a straight-forward pop record. It, of course, all still came out fucked because it’s us creating it. But I tried to imagine our band playing a giant arena and what that would sound like. I wanted to strip away some of the chaos and just write stronger songs. I didn’t want the band to mellow out, but I did want to see if we could mature a bit. If the previous album was an intense sci-fi slasher, this one would be closer to a Hitchcock or DePalma film. … Things are stripped down, more direct, more focused. There’s a sense of fear, isolation, and madness that very much correlates with the music. The character on the outside is in white and surrounded in light, while the character on the inside is in black surrounded by darkness. But it’s ultimately two sides of the same character. I think that’s a good representation of the themes within the album, dark things within people that they may want to keep hidden.”