You are currently viewing THE HUMAN TORNADO – grooven sich durchs ‚Dreamland‘ Video

THE HUMAN TORNADO – grooven sich durchs ‚Dreamland‘ Video

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Knock-out-Heavy-Groove-Rock hat sich die italienische Band THE HUMAN TORNADO aus Bologna auf die Fahnen geschrieben. Am 11. März 2022 wird das neue Studioalbum „Love Is Démodé“ erscheinen, von dem es nun die erste Single ‚Dreamland‘ zu entdecken gilt.

Die Band kommentiert:

„Each one of us has an inner dark side, and we often have to control it to be able to do the best we can in everyday life. Dreamland is our invitation to fight and win our private monster accompanying us throughout life. So we chose this song as the first single because it represents our desire to fight and do our best on stage. The sound impact is strong, the drumming is powerful, the guitar riff is defined from the beginning to the end so that our message remains well impressed in our audience’s mind.“