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THE FLOWER KINGS – `Beginner’s Eyes´ Single zur Albumankündigung

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Die schwedischen Progressive Rocker kündigen für den 08. September ihr mittlerweile sechzehntes Studioalbum „Look At You Now“ mit warmen, 70er Vintage Sounds an. Einen ersten Eindruck könnt Ihr Euch mit der Auskopplung `Beginner´s Eyes´ im Clip verschaffen.

Die Band kommentiert:

“Here’s news from veterans THE FLOWER KINGS – Album Nr. 16! Like a ghost ship sailing in from faraway places – a set of new songs leave their mark on 2023 – A year most of us will remember for the wars, the migration & refugees, the wildfires, the lost youth, the melting ice, the economic crisis, too many dead heroes, the political unrest. But also, a year that opens to possibilities, re-birth – new ways of thinking – We think this new album from The Kings of the North gives a bit of both.”



Hold on – We are all here for good reasons
You got to slow down sometimes and pick up the pieces
You’ve got to hold on
No time to roll on recklessly
Now that you’re homebound
Looking for hometown synergy

Roll on – wheels of a different melody
You got to slow down – sink into blue-infinity
You’ve got to hold on – building this strong community
Sunrise to sundown
Better be living for love and the love that you give

We better make it up as we go
Finding out – we know more than we’ve ever known
As long as you know the time – you know that this time is mine
It’s just the same old you – but brand-new ways to shine

Get rid of red tape – end of lies
You’ve lived to see beyond those nights
The wisdom of a child is always right
You lift their eyes beyond the stars
A future hidden, in your heart
With beginner’s eyes

You’ve got to hold on – no time to roll on recklessly
Looking for hometown synergy
Looking for hometown synergy