You are currently viewing THE END MACHINE (Ex-DOKKEN, WARRANT Mitglieder) – ‚Blood And Money‘ Video

THE END MACHINE (Ex-DOKKEN, WARRANT Mitglieder) – ‚Blood And Money‘ Video

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Hinter dem Namen THE END MACHINE sich Robert Mason , George Lynch, Jeff Pilson und Steve Brown, also wahrlich keine unbekannten Newcomer. Anfang April kommen sie zurück mit ihrem zweiten, härter rockenden Album, das den passenden Titel “Phase2“ trägt. Die Auskopplung ‚Blood And Money‘ könnt ihr hier als Video sehen.

Sänger Robert Mason über das anstehende Album:

„I feel that „Phase2″ is a logical progression from our debut record, and I echo Jeff’s point that in the writing process, none of us felt we had to distance ourselves from our past, nor our collective roots. That hit making Lynch/Pilson chemistry and song lineage is surely powerful and present, while allowing me freedom to both embrace it and show my own musical and lyrical flavors. This record shows us solidly in each other’s musical pockets and grooves, and speaking of, Steve Brown showed up to crush it on drums…and he can sing some mighty background vocals! We hope fans of all of our catalogs will embrace TEM and Phase2!“