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THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON – `The Gates Of Time´ Song- und Videopremiere

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Die Dark Symphonic Metaller präsentieren nach einigen vor allem Filmmusik Cover aus Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Der Hobbit und Herr der Ringe etc. ihren ersten eigenen Song `The Gates Of Time´ im Video. THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON bestehen aus Melissa Bonny, Sängerin von Ad Infinitum, Hans Platz, Gitarrist von Feuerschwanz, Morten Lowe Sorensen, Schlagzeuger von Amaranthe, und Jenny Diehl an der Harfe, ebenfalls Mitglied von Feuerschwanz. Das gemeinsame Debütalbum „Metamorphosis“ wird am 12. Mai 2023 veröffentlicht.

Die Band drück dies folgendermaßen aus:

„We are beyond proud to present to you the very first song we’ve ever written together as a band! We started this journey with covers of famous songs from movies, series, and video games but soon we realized that writing our own stories and melodies was a must. Four creative minds with so many ideas to share – „The Gates Of Time“ is just the beginning!“


“Metamorphosis” Trackliste:

1. Legends Never Die (League of Legends)
2. The Gates Of Time (Original)
3. Misty Mountains ft Tom S. Englund (The Hobbit)
4. Double Trouble/Lumos! ft Rusanda Panfili (Harry Potter)
5. First Light ft Rusanda Panfili (Original)
6. New Horizons ft Fabienne Erni (Original)
7. The Wolven Storm (Priscilla’s Song) (Witcher)
8. May It Be ft Charlotte Wessels (Lord of the Rings)
9. If I Had A Heart (Vikings)
10. The Hanging Tree (Hunger Games)
11. Jenny Of Oldstones (Game Of Thrones)