You are currently viewing THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON – `First Light´ Video vorgestellt

THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON – `First Light´ Video vorgestellt

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THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON ist bekanntlich eine multinationale Symphonic-Metal-Band, bestehend aus Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum) und Mitgliedern der Bands Feuerschwanz und Amaranthe. Zur Feier ihrer ersten Livegigs wurde jetzt ein Liveclip zum Track `First Light´ vom aktuellen Debütdreher „Metamorphosis“ online gestellt.



High up in the sky I see the clouds
They’re coming back for me
No escape when your faith is sealed
The horizon is grey
Remember all the tales the old man
Whispered in the darkness of the night
The prophecies and legends
Will live on after his dying day
His dying day

And if the lightning is the only light I see
The thunder in the night the music that I hear
I’ll carry on until my destiny is complete
Wash away the tears on my face
Sail away to the first light of a brand new day

Omens of a deviant, predictions in the abyssal fire
The legacy of a troubled mind
Will live on after his final sigh
Enter the light

Oh I can hear the stars, the mountains and the seas

The darkest of days
The demon in me
I want to escape