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THE BIG DEAL – ’Sensational’ Videopremiere

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Das Debüt der serbischen Hard Rocktruppe, bei denen der Fokus definitiv auf den beiden Sängerinnen Ana Nikolic und Nevena Brankovic liegt, veröffentlichen ihr Debüt “First Bite“ am 13. Mai. Soeben erscheint der Track ’Sensational’ als neues Video. Die erste Auskopplung ’Never Say Never’ findet ihr hier.




Since you’ve known yourself

you didn’t feel that well

to these rules imposed by them

They said that you were wrong

With nothing left to say

you turned your back and went away…


Undecided, divided, but you’ll be doing well…


You’re sensational

You’re unbreakable

You’re gonna shine bright one day

You’re sensational

You’re unbreakable

The shiny star will light your way


At one point in time everything will be seen,

who’s to lose and who’s to win.

Though life is not a race and this is pretty clear,

you win when you catch your dr